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So how are you all my Gammers, today I have brought Shubh Bet Apk for you, from which you get Rs.30 as cash price as soon as you sign up. This game is totally different from all the other 3 Patti and many more games because it has different and better features than of all them.

Subh bet Apk
Subh bet Apk

There are many important and fun features in this game that will keep you hooked to the game. Information about all of them has been given below in asystematic manner.

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App Name:Shubh Bet Apk
Game Type:Casino
Total Game:19
Sign-Up Bonus:120 Rs
Min. Withdraw:200

How to Sign-Up for Shubh Bet Apk ?

● First of all, open the referral link in any browser on your smartphone.

● Click on the download link Scroll down on the open page.

● Let the app install on your smartphone.

● Open the app after installation.

● Log in to the app with your registered number.

● If you have a referral code, please enter that as well.

Game List In Shubh Bet Apk :

Game List In Shubh Bet Apk :
Game List In Shubh Bet Apk :

● Dragon Vs Tiger
● Baccarat
● Teen Patti
● Car Roulette
● Zoo Roulette
● Roulette
● Wheel Of Fortune
● Deep Sea Awakening
● Rummy
● Duel of the sea king
● Ander Bahar Go
● 7 Up Down
● Ander Bahar
● Black Jack
● 10 Card
● Fruit
● Warcraft Roulette
● Ander Bahar.

Types Of Bonus:

One of the most important parts of this game is these types of bonuses in which you get different types of bonuses, let us also know about them.

Daily bonus shubh bet apk
Daily bonus shubh bet apk

Registration Bonus :

When you log in to this game then you get this bonus at that time which is known as the registration bonus. In this, you get a bonus of 10rs which is directly added to your wallet.

Deposit Bonus :

When you recharge your wallet during this game, you get some extra bonus at that time too, which you get according to your recharge, which we also call Deposit Bonus.

Invitation Bonus :

Invitation Bonus :

This bonus only makes this game different from all because in this game, the more you encourage more people, the more your earnings increase and there is no limit in this, if a person is truly If he does this referral method, then that person can earn many lakhs of rupees in a month, according to the number given below, you can see how much money you get on how many referrals.

10 Friends | 50 Friends | 100 Friends | 300 Friends | 500 Friends |
150 Bonus | 900 Bonus | 2000 Bonus | 9000 Bonus | 1600

VIP Privileges :

In VIP Privilege you get more bonuses and rewards than others for this you have to do only one recharge of the 50s with the help of which you get many extra features which include.

● Daily Bonus
● Weekly Bonus
● Monthly Bonus
● Level Bonus

Recharge Feature :

Recharge Feature :

One of the funniest parts of this game is the recharge feature, cookie inside it gives you an extra 5% bonus on every recharge you make. Which directly adds to your game wallet, in this game you can pay through any of your UPI apps (UPI, Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm, Bharat Pay, etc.) to recharge. You can see the history of all your old and new payments inside it.

Withdrawal Feature:

The way recharge feature is very easy in this game, in the same way, you can easily withdraw the money earned in this app. All you need to do is enter your registered mobile number on your Withdrawal option, enter OTP received, and then enter your registered password. And by doing this you can transfer your winning amount to your bank account.

Mail Feature :

It has often been seen that not much, yet some people face some problems due to some technical glitches during the game. In such a situation, do not panic in any way, as we are present 24*7 to help you. The problems which have been given mostly come in these two options which are-

● Recharge
● Withdrawal

Recharge Problem :

This problem comes when you are doing recharge in your wallet, and the money is deducted from your account but it is not visible in your wallet balance, you do not have to worry about it because sometimes the slow speed of your internet is also the reason. Can be made At such times our technical team checks on its level and updates you.

Withdrawal Problem :

This problem comes when you are transferring the balance of your wallet to your account. But for some reason this does not happen, you do not have to worry because sometimes the slow speed of your internet can also be the reason for it. At such a time, our technical team checks at its level and updates you.

Request A Call On A Live Chat :

Under this, if you are talking to our authorized person about any of your problems through chat and you feel that your complaint is not being redressed properly, or the authorized person is not able to understand you, then At the same time, you can also talk to the authorized person on the phone immediately through the call.

Support :

If for any reason your talk does not reach the authorized person, then you can also reach your talk to the authorized person through online services and telegram, then join our telegram channel along with the registration of this game.

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