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Holy Rummy:- So how are you guys, we have come up with one such holy rummy application for you to get an awesome sign bonus of ₹51. This is a brand new application in which you will get ₹51 bonus as soon as you signup. As usual, you will not have to worry because your friend will explain to you all the options available in this game and also how you can earn more and more money with less effort than you work.

One very important thing guys if you are a new user of this application then you will not get any extra rewards. So in this article, I will tell you how you can win additional prizes, so stay with us and read the whole article till the end.

This Holy Rummy Apk will never let you down, I promise you that. Because of this application, a lot of players are earning a lot of money daily. For this, he is earning money by referring all his friends and family members to all those people and playing the dragon vs tiger game or any other game. In this article, you will learn how to play a roulette game and how you can earn money by playing that game. So as you keep on increasing your paragraphs, you will gradually come to know that why it is important that you read this article carefully so that you do not miss any main point.

About Us Holy Rummy Apk

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How To Download Holy Rummy Apk

Now all of you must have been convinced from the above information that this application really gives us an opportunity to earn money. If now you want to download this Holy Rummy APK then you can download this Holy Rummy APK by clicking on our below download button. Friends, if you download this application, then as soon as you complete the login process after downloading, you get its full signup bonus which is Rs.51, which you can also do to play the game.

Friends, I want to give you one more important piece of information if you play the game only with your bonus and you earn around ₹500 to ₹1000. And if you try to withdraw that won money from your account, then do not make this mistake even by mistake, otherwise, your account will be blocked and your money will not be able to withdraw. So how will you be able to withdraw that won money, I will tell you further in this article.

Register In Holy Rummy App

Register In Holy Rummy App
Register In Holy Rummy App

● After downloading the application, open it.
● Two options will be available Guest Account or Register Account.
● You will now automatically be logged in with the Guest account.
● Now click on your Profile button or your Withdrawal button.
● As soon as you click on anyone, you have to enter the details.
● Your mobile number, two-time password, and an OTP.
● Your Holy Rummy account is easily created as soon as you enter all these details.

How Many Games Are Available In Holy Rummy

How Many Games Are Available In Holy Rummy
How Many Games Are Available In Holy Rummy

Multiplayer game —
● 3 card poker
● disrespect spring
● Teen Patti 20-20
● Baccarat
● best of five
● dragon vs tiger
● 7 up down
● zoo roulette
● car roulette
● roulette
skill game
● 7 up and downs
● disrespect spring go
● poker
● fishing rush
● Ludo
● Rummy
● 10 cards
● Teen Patti
● blackjack


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Add Money In Holy Rummy

Now you must be thinking that I can earn lots of money by playing roulette games in this holy rummy application. So you have to add your money to its application. You must have also heard that it takes more investment to earn more, in the same way, you also have to add some money to this game, if now you want to add your money to this application, then you can follow our easy steps given below. By following the rules, you can make money in Rummy Holy.

Add Money In Holy Rummy
Add Money In Holy Rummy

● Go to your mobile dashboard
● Click on add money button
● Enter the amount you want to add.
● You can also add a minimum ₹100 to ₹10,0000 to this application.
● If you have clicked on ₹100 Chips, you will be directed to the interface of Chrome browser.
● There you have to complete your KYC.
● As soon as your KYC is done,
● Pay the selected amount through your Paytm account or your bank account.
● Within 1 or 2 minutes you will see your money in your game account.

Holy Rummy Refer And Earn

Friends, you will remember that I had said in the beginning that you can earn a lot of money with the help of this game even without playing, for which you do not have to share much with your friends and family. You can also use social media to share, you can earn up to 15000-20000 every month by sharing this application on your social media. How can you do this, I will tell you through the steps given below.

Holy Rummy Refer And earn
Holy Rummy Refer And earn

● Download the application and open it.
● Go to your game dashboard
● Click on the Refer & Earn button.
● Now you will get the option of Facebook & Whats App.
● You will see your referrer link.
● You have to copy it.
● You can also share that link through other mediums.

Friends, now you can share your referral link anywhere, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The most important thing is to share the referral link if you have shared it with someone and he downloads this Holy Rummy APK from your link. And he will recharge as many as he wants and play
any game in this application. So you will continue to get his commission. The more people you refer to play the game, the more commission you will get.

The best thing about this game is that as long as your referrals keep playing the game and keep recharging, you will keep getting the commission, without any problem, which you can easily transfer to your account.

Withdraw Money In Holy Rummy app download

● Withdraw Money In Holy Rummy app download
● Go to your game dashboard.
● Click on the Withdrawal button.
● You will need to fill in your bank account details.
● Only then you will be able to take money into your bank account.
● Enter the amount you want to transfer to your bank account.
● In this application, you can take a minimum of ₹100 in your bank account.
● Then click on the Withdrawal button.
● Within 10 or 15 minutes you will get your money in your bank account.


So friends this was our important talk about a new earning app (Holy Rummy). Friends, as I said, I have given you complete information about Holy Rummy in this article, and how you can earn money by installing this application. Even after this, if you still do not understand anything or do not understand anything, then you must tell us by commenting below. And if possible, once again carefully read this article of ours completely. Then you will understand everything that how we all
can earn thousands of rupees with the help of this application.

The last and most important information friends, this is a gambling application, inside which you will have full risk. This application contains elements of the financial risk involved, please play it at your own risk. Avoid adding your money. In this application, you add your money and then you lose all that
money back. You will not be responsible for this. Because we just advised you that you can add money to this application. Only and only people of 18+ age should play this application.


Q:- How much will we get as a signup bonus for this application?
A:- You will get a sign-off bonus of the full ₹ 51 in this application.

Q:- Can we add our money to this application?
A:- Can add but at your own risk.

Q:- Can we share this application on our social media also?
A:- Yes, you can share the application on any of your social media.

Q:- How much Minimum money can we take in our bank account?
A:- Minimum ₹ 100 can be taken and even more than that.

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