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Rummy Ola App Download Free and Earn 49 Rs. Signup Bonus

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Rummy Ola App Download and Play Online Rummy, Teen Patti, and more:- Hey! Are you bored of your daily life routine? Only work, friends, and family are all that you are left with. Well, it’s time to bring some excitement and earn a little extra in your life. The New Rummy Ola App is back to spice up your life and boost your account balance with the best game’s bonus features. So, now you can again play Teen Patti games online and free online Rummy Games with the latest online Game applicationRummy Ola APK.

Rummy Ola App Download

Excited to play online rummy and earn free sign-up bonus? So, we are to announce the launch of the new Rummy Ola APK. So, download the latest Rummy Ola app Download today. And start playing free online rummy card games, Teen Patti games, 7 up down, Dragon Vs Tiger games, and thousands of other cash-earning games. Stay glued to this article to know how to download Rummy Ola App free and get free bonus on signing up.

About Rummy Ola App Download (AKA RummyOla and Teen Patti Ola)

Rummy Ola APK is the best online rummy game application in India and abroad. Also known as RummyOla and Teen Patti Ola game applications, this gaming platform offers free online rummy card games, 3 Patti online games, and 25 other types of free online real cash earning games. Apart from being the best Ola Teen Patti App, this game application also offers Poker and other exciting Casino and Matka King Games.

App NameRummy Ola App Download or Rummy Ola APK
AKARummy Ola app Download; Ola Rummy App; Teen Patti Ola; Online Poker; Matka King Online
Rummy Ola Apk Download Size45 MB
Sign Up BonusINR 49/-
Minimum WithdrawalINR 100/-
Total Games25
Exciting FeaturesDaily bonus, weekly bonus, monthly bonus, refer & earn, safe mode, and more.
Official Website
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Loaded with thrill, fun, and entertainment, RummyOla provides safe online gaming and cash-making platform to thousands of active users. Using the latest Rummy Ola APK game application, you can connect to a large number of players and play free online rummy card games. Moreover, you will face no money withdrawal issues with this game application. And even if you face any issues, the Ola Rummy APK support team is available 24*7 over WhatsApp to address all the issues.

Free Rummy Ola APK Download

So, are you excited to download the Rummy Ola app for free but don’t know how to download Rummy Ola App free? Worry not! Downloading Rummy Ola Apk is as simple as clicking the link provided below-

Rummy Ola App Download Here

Click on the ‘Rummy Ola App Download Here’ option provided in the image above and then install the app to your smartphone or Windows PC. However, you are downloading the app and a pop-up appears to enable ‘download from unknown sources’ on your smartphone screen. Then, please change the settings and turn on the ‘unknown sources’ options.

Installed the app? Now, let’s play!

Rummy Ola APK Games List

The new Ola Rummy App offers a myriad of online cash-earning games and free card games to choose from. However, if you are a rummy lover, then here you will find the best rummy game and Teen Patti game. Apart from Teen Patti Rummy, here is a list of other exciting games with tremendous games bonus features-

rummy ola app apk

Available Games in New Rummy Ola App Download

  • IPL
  • Teen Patti / 3 Patii
  • 7 Up Down
  • Dragon Vs Tiger
  • 3 Cards Poker
  • Crash
  • Baccarat
  • Best of 5
  • Fruit Line
  • 10 Cards
  • Poker
  • Sports
  • Zoo Roulette
  • Fantasy Sports
  • Variation
  • Ludo
  • Black Jack
  • Roulette
  • Andar Bahar Go
  • Rummy
  • Teen Patti 2020
  • Andar Bahar
  • Car Roulette

And many more!! It is just a small trailer friends! The Picture is yet to come! the New Rummy Ola App Download now and sink into excitement!

Top Features of Rummy Ola APK

The new Rummy Ola app is loaded with exciting features. In fact, these features center not only around a great user experience but also good cyber safety. Some of the best Ola Rummy APK features are-

Free Signup Bonus

The best feature that this app offers is the free sign-up bonus of INR 49/-. As soon as you download the app and create an account to log in, you will receive INR 49/- bonus to start with. Play exciting games and win the challenges, your INR 49/- will be multiplied ahead. Eventually, you start earning cash right from the login with the new app.

Easy Withdrawal

Cash withdrawal in Rummy Ola app is also very easy. You can start withdrawing money as soon as you reach a balance worth INR 100/-. Also, the company will credit this amount within 24 hours straight to your bank account. You can receive payment through UPI as well!

rummy ola apk download

Multiple Games

Apart from great cash-earning features, the new app also offers multiple free games to play at one stop. In addition to rummy card games and teen patti, you can play other popular and exciting games and win cash. So, there is no need to download multiple games, but one app is now sufficient to play various games. Also, enjoy IPL, Ludo, and other popular matka games right here!

Safe Mode Options in New Rummy Ola App

The company also offers complete data security in the new rummy ola apk. It promises of keeping your data confidential with the company only. The company’s privacy policies ensure no sharing or tampering with your sensitive data. So, play all the free card games online safely and carefree. Also, this time the app bugs have been fixed in the new version to avoid cyber-attacks and facilitate user experience.

Competitive Ranking Features in Rummy Ola App Downalod

In order to multiply the joy a thousand times, the new app also offers various other thrilling features as well. The competitive ranking is also one of such exciting features. The more you play and win, the higher your rank. So, indulge in the ocean of competition and entertain your boring days with daily competitions. Achieve higher ranks and also get extra game bonuses.

Mail Feature for Teen Patti Ola

The new 3 Patti Ola app also offers mailing features. You can provide your email address here and keep on receiving game updates and other relevant information via email on a daily basis. Never lag behind the gaming community and keep yourself up-to-date with its Mail feature.

Daily Bonus Features in Ola Rummy App

Additionally, there are no restrictions on playing this game on a daily basis. No life-over issues and restrictions are there. So, you can play continuously and win cash daily. In fact, you don’t even need to play all the time to earn cash. The new Rummy Ola APK offers a daily login bonus as well. You can win up to INR 10/- bonus just by logging into the app daily!

Weekly Bonus Feature in Rummy Ola APK

Apart from the daily bonus, with this game application, you can also earn a weekly bonus worth INR 500/- to INR 100,000/-. In order to win the weekly bonus, you will have to refer and earn through this app. Simply, invite all your contacts, family, friends, and relatives to play the game. Share the download link with them. The more members you make, the more weekly bonus you get into your bank account.

Agent Rewards in 3 Patti Ola App

Furthermore, if you invite your friends and contacts and convince them to start gaming with this app, then it is a secret! Do not let them know! If they bet on this game, you will receive a 2% commission on the amount they have bet! Yes! Earning cash with the new 3 patti ola app or ola rummy apk is as simple as that! This feature is called *Agent Reward Teen Patti Ola*. So, benefit from this feature as much as possible and boost your bank balance to heights.

Gifts for New Users in Rummy Ola

Moreover, if you are new to the rummy world, then you will also receive gifts for new users in rummy ola app latest version. For playing the free online card games, you will get 1 gold coin. Then as soon as you create an account and log in, you will get 50 more gold coins. In this way, winning a game and earning cash becomes easier for the new user.

Loss Relief Funds in Ola Rummy

Unlike other unethical online rummy apps, the new Rummy ola is ethical and also offers loss relief funds for its users. If you going through a bad day and losing continuously, then you can also avail loss relief fund in ola rummy feature. In this way, you can get 10% of your lost chips back into your account.

For example, if you have lost 1000 chips today and you wish to avail of the loss relief fund, then you can get 10% of 1000 which is 100 back!

So, friends, we know that you are now fully convinced and excited to play the game. So, let’s download rummy ola app with the link provided above and register ourselves as new users by creating an account. Here is all you need to know about how to create an account in rummy ola app-

downlaod now

How to Register in Rummy Ola App

Registering and creating an account on the new ola rummy apk is very easy. Just follow the steps below and start playing online games to win cash rewards-

download ola rummy app

  1. Download Rummy Ola APK free with the link above.
  2. As you download the app, you will get the option to make a guest login or mobile login.
  3. If you want to earn cash by online gaming then you must go for mobile login
  4. Enter your mobile number and verify the same with OTP sent to your number (like we do for other apps as well).
  5. As soon as you verify the mobile number, you receive INR 49/- games bonus on your UPI account.
  6. Afterward, you can further recharge the rummy ola app and start playing free online games.
  7. However, if you are still worried about your sharing your sensitive information, then you can go with the guest login option.
  8. But, remember, you will not win cash rewards by guest login. So, it is completely up to you whether you wanna play for just fun or to earn cash by online gaming!

The Process to Add Money to Rummy Ola APK

However, if you wish to go with the mobile login option and invest cash in teen patti ola, rummy ola, Ludo, IPL, or any other free online game, then you can also *recharge rummy ola app* with a simple process. To add money in the rummy ola app you will have to-

  1. Open rummy ola apk and go to the shop options.
  2. Here you will find the option to add Rs. 10/- to Rs 100,000/-.
  3. You have already provided your mobile number and verified the same at the time of login.
  4. Now provide your email address and apply for KYC.
  5. Once your KYC is complete, you can *recharge the rummy ola app* with any UPI ID including Paytm, GPay, and others.

Easy Money Withdrawal in Rummy Ola Game App

Once, you start playing online rummy, 3 patti games, poker, ludo, IPL or any other free online games, you earn cash on winning a game with our app. So, if you want to withdraw the earned money or cash won, then the process is too simple. The withdrawal is just a click away.

  • There is a Withdrawal icon on the homepage.
  • Click the withdrawal option and enter the details required at that time.
  • Within 24 hours, the company will credit the cash won to your bank account!

Earn Extra Game Bonus with Refer & Earn Feature of Ola Rummy APK

Guys you can also use the ‘refer and earn through rummy Ola apk’ feature. If you want to earn extra money with the ola rummy app, then you must use this feature. If you make a minimum of 3 of your referrals join this app, then you instantly get a bonus of INR 270/-.

download rummy ola apk

Furthermore, if you make your referrals log in, and play bets online, then you also get 2% to 30% of the bet amount as a commission (T&C applied).

Wohhh! Rummy Ola is the ultimate gateway to earn unlimited cash with online games.

How to Refer and Earn from Rummy Ola App and Teen Patti Ola

Now you must be thinking about how to refer and earn from Rummy ola app. Well, follow the steps below-

  1. Invite your friends to play rummy ola by sharing the app link. Remember to use Refer & Earn option from the app. Do not share download links from Playstore or App store, but only from the app.
  2. Now help them download the app and create an account.
  3. As soon as your friend logs in to the RummyOla app with the download link you shared from your app, you will instantly receive a bonus of a minimum of INR 10/-. Also, the amount may be as high as INR 300/-.
  4. Furthermore, if your friend adds cash or recharges the RummyOla app, then you will again get 30% of the recharge amount as commission.

In this way, you can earn unlimited cash with the new RummyOla App. Undoubtedly, it is the best Teen Patti Ola app you could have ever known!

Also, Get a VIP Bonus in Rummy Ola

Apart from new user, login, daily, and weekly games bonus in the rummy ola app, you can also get a VIP bonus. However, in order to get a VIP bonus from this rummy ola, you will also need a VIP recharge. Recharge your app with INR 500/- and start receiving a daily bonus ranging from INR 1/- to INR 15/- every day.

ola rummy app apk

Also, when you further increase the recharge amount, your VIP membership also gets updated. And then you begin to receive more daily, weekly, monthly, and level-up bonuses.

Is Rummy Ola APK Safe?

Although, there are many online apps and platforms that offer free online card games, free online rummy games, free teen Patti earning app games, free online ludo games, and free IPL bets online. But not all the platforms are safe to use. This latest Rummy Ola Apk is however a trustworthy platform. It is not a Chinese but a purely Indian platform.

So, you need not be worried about data theft. Moreover, if you are still conscious and unwilling to share your personal bank details or UPI ID. Then you have the option of guest login. In this way, you will neither earn nor lose any money and you can play just for fun!

Eventually, this RummyOla APK is a safe app to play online rummy and win cash.

Tips to Play Free Card Games in Rummy Ola Safely

Rummy, Teen Patti, Ludo, Poker, IPL, and Dragons vs Tigers are some of the most popular games in Indian households. People play these games with their family, friends, and relatives. However, since the time of lockdown, people prefer to play these games online. Every day people look up to rummy games free downloads, free online rummy, and Teen Patti game free downloads.

However, not all the free online rummy games are safe to log in to. Some Chinese and unscrupulous Indian platforms are built by hackers to loot people. So, play safe with our latest version of RummyOla apk which is safe and bug-free.

Also, follow some tips to avoid fraud-

  1. If you do not feel comfortable, then play rummy online with a guest login only.
  2. Do never share sensitive bank details and passwords on a phone call even with a company representative.
  3. There is no need to share OTP to receive any balance in your bank account, so never share OTP to receive the instant withdrawal of cash won.
  4. However, to recharge the RummyOla, you will have to provide OTP as you do to any other e-commerce transaction.
  5. Also, avoid the temptation to gamble day and night. But play online rummy just for fun.
  6. Furthermore, remember not to play with unknown people, always invite your family and friends to play rummy ola with you.

Final Remarks

The latest Rummy ola apk is the ultimate new teen Patti earning app. It offers you win cash rewards every day, week, and month. The app is full of exciting cash-earning features. You can also refer and earn through this App. Additionally, here you can play rummy, poker, IPL bets, ludo, Teen Patti, and other fun games for free online. Moreover, the latest version is also safe and bug-free. So download the new RummyOla App today and spice up your boring life!

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